♔ Day Three: An Underrated Moment

2x06 Tallahassee

When Anton woke up and came stomping in, the ground shook. Emma and Killian were losing their balance. What was one of Killian’s first instincts? To grab onto Emma’s shoulder to make sure she didn’t fall over. When the ground shook again, you can see Killian’s hand jerking towards Emma once more. His actions showed that, even though he’s only known Emma for a few hours, he cared enough to prioritize her safety over his. 

This next part absolutely kills me. When they run to find a hiding spot, it looks like Killian grabbed Emma’s hand to make sure she’s following him. You can almost catch the hand grab in the third gif. When looking at the fourth gif, you see that Emma lets go of his grip and lets her hand fall to the rhythm of her running while following Killian to safety. “Killian didn’t grab her hand,” one may argue. However, would a runner’s arms really look like that if they were running behind somebody? Plus Killian’s right arm was too far back for him to run comfortably. It wasn’t swinging at all until we clearly saw his and Emma’s hands separate from close proximity. 

He took her hand and tried to lead her to somewhere safe.

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